Plastics in Fireworks:  The Environmental Hazard
A campaign to ban certain fireworks types
Plastics in Fireworks
Years ago, there were NO plastics in fireworks.  Today, MANY firework types contain plastic which create large, safer firework pieces and greater profits.  
Much of this plastic is ‘lost in the night’ as the most offensive plastics littering comes from aerial fireworks.   This includes the worst offender, the saturn missile battery type. 

All of this comes at a huge environmental price.
In Washington State and Elsewhere
The Volume, The Hazard
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For 10 years running, a community in SW Washington State has been collecting litter on July 5th.  Some years we collect as much as 20 TONS.  Much of this weight is spent plastics from fireworks, especially aerial fireworks.  See PHOTOS to view collected plastics.

With the passage of years, the plastic debris breaks down and becomes mistaken as 'food' by wildlife. With further degradation into microscopic pieces, it becomes an integral part of the world's ocean waters and our own food chain.

Clearly, these plastics constitute an environmental hazard.